How To Clean Your BBQ Grill – full review of 3 grill cleaning brushes

Everyone loves a BBQ in the warmer weather but grill cleaning can be tricky. You always want to make sure the grill function well and cook your food properly. So, to know how to clean and maintenance your gas or charcoal grill is an important key to keep the top performance of food.


The first step is Cleaning Your Grill GratesIt’s best to heat your grill before you begin cleaning your grill grate. Heat will help burn off some of the debris left from your previous cook and will also help loosen any burned on foods. Grill grates need to be cleaned completely after every use. This prevents food from sticking on your grill and making it much easier to cook on.


There are many products on the market for grill cleaning, the most commonly used tool is Metal Bristle Brushes. We cannot deny the fact that a good metal bristle grill cleaning brush will get the grill cleaning job done much easier. Although we’ve been cleaning our grill with a metal bristle brush forever and never had an issue, many of the claims report that peopleingest wire bristles from barbecue brushes.

*Tips: You need to replace your brush every season, and have a simple safety check on your brush every time before you use the grill brush, to see whether the bristle pulls loose, or the grill brush bristles are worn down / clogged up with grease. In any of these cases happen,a brush replacement is a must.


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If you still have concerns about metal bristles that may transferred from your grill grates to the food. It’s probably a good idea to try a safer alternative — The Metal Helix Grill Brush did a great job on cleaning the grates.

grill cleaning tool

It is not a standard bristle brush and that is meant as a safety precaution.They are awesome at cleaning your barbecue while eliminating the risks of wire grill brushes.

The brush is made of quality rust proof / resistant stainless steel for efficient scratch free cleaning. And, they are safe for ceramic, porcelain, steel and iron barbeques.

*Tips: For best clean results, repeatedly dip brush in water during brushing hot grill to steam clean.


Surprisingly, the Cleaning Sponge worked really well! It is essential for barbecue, also can be used in kitchen. The sponge formed around the grill grates and removed any burned on food and debris from the top of the grill grate and in between the grates. It was easy to use and move to different areas for cleaning.

In some case, it cleaned the grates better than any of the other brushes, a quick wipe down using a basting brush could easily remove any of the dust left behind.

grill cleaning sponge

The life of cleaning sponge is shorter than a grill brush, so you would need to replace the sponge after a few cleanings. The good thing is that the replacements are inexpensive.

*Tips: The sponge has excellent performance for light cleaning and shining, as well as removing stains and dirt, allowing you to achieve perfect cooking results.


The next step we like to do is Clean The Bottom Of the Grill and The Burner Tubes when the grill is completely cool. Remove the grates and the metal tray (depending on what model you have), and put them into warm soapy water.

Then take a separate, clean stainless steel brush that is never used on the grate, and brush the burner tubes up and down scraping off any leftover food particles that have fallen and potentially clogged the burner tubes.

Grill Cleaning

This takes less than 2 minutes and will make a huge difference in how even the flame is distributed throughout the burner tube.


After that, spray both sides of the grill grate with canola oil to protect them. Put The Grills And Tray Back in the barbecue.


The final step is Clean The Exterior. Just spray a paper towel with glass cleaner and wipe the exterior, or using a microfiber cloth to clean the dust. Remember the better you take care of your barbecue the more years of great cooking you’ll get out of it.


  1. Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals — Harsh chemicals leave a residue which can affect the taste and smell of the food for the next few barbecues. The chemicals can also harm stainless steel and painted finishes, as well as other components.
  2. Don’t Abuse Your Stainless Steel BBQ — A stainless steel finish on a BBQ is a premium finish, but it requires special care. If you have you have stubborn stains, try a non-scratch scrubber.
  3. Wrap It Up — If you don’t have a grill cover or never use the one you do have, change your ways. It could reduce your monthly deep-cleans to once a season.